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EmpowerRM Software

Contract Management

Easily manage all of your contracts with wholesalers, retail chains, and GPO’s. Keep full price history of each product on each contract for reporting and chargeback processing.

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chargeback processing

Automate your chargeback processing end to end with seamless accounting integration. Create rules to handle recurring issues automatically. Reduce processing time and focus on driving more revenue.



Eliminate manual data entry and human error to increase profit by fully automating your process using EDI. Seamless migration from existing EDI service providers with no business interruption..



Fully outsource your contract management and chargeback processing to achieve compliance, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Leverage our expertise and relationships to ensure increased profits.

Our Customers

Pharmaceutical Software

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

We work directly with manufacturers to enable them to take control of their revenue management and get setup as quickly as possible.

EmpowerRM Software

Pharma 3PL’s

Many manufacturers use 3PL’s and also want them to do chargeback processing. We offer a solution specifically for this purpose and allow you to provide these services to your customers.

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Government pricing companies and pharma consulting firms can also use our software to provide additional services to their customers.


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Seamlessly integrate with your accounting system to create credit memos and invoices. Synchronize direct sales data from invoices for reporting and forecasting.

Pharmaceutical Revenue Management Software


EmpowerRM automates your chargeback processing from end-to-end. Minimize the manual intervention to deal only with new exceptions. Automate report generation and delivery.

Pharmaceutical Chargeback Software

rules engine

Create a rule to handle recurring exceptions to avoid unnecessary processing time. Use the rules engine to create custom validations to flag chargebacks.

Pharmaceutical Chargeback Software

Analytics & Forecasting

Built-in interactive dashboards allow you to gain insights into your data to make better business decisions. Forecast inventory levels at your customers warehouse and contract performance.

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Allow your customers to have view-only access to their respective contracts. They can export the latest pricing whenever they want.


EmpowerRM Software

Avoid Revenue Leakage

Pharmaceutical Software

Minimize manual intervention

Best Pharmaceutical Chargeback Software

Increase Profit

EmpowerRM Software

In-Depth Reporting & Analytics

Best Pharmaceutical Software

No Infrastructure Costs

Pharmaceutical Revenue Management Software

100% Web-Based


Designed from the ground up by industry experts, our system is built to streamline your operations and mitigate risks.
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EmpowerRM is the solution to unmatched efficiency and profitability for pharmaceutical
manufacturers, 3PLs supporting multiple pharmaceutical manufacturers, and more!

It’s time to take control of your revenue.
It’s time for EmpowerRM.

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I have been in the generic pharmaceutical industry for 14 years. MDH is by far the best program that I have worked with over the years. The program is user friendly and easy to track pertinent information with reports. Matt and his team are the most helpful and patient people that I have worked with. Very thorough and always reply to your request quickly. Very affordable!! Thanks Matt for putting together a terrific program and team that can capture all the confusing generic pharma industry transactions. I wish you the most success!

Pamela Norris
Vitruvias Therapeutics, Inc.
Senior Accountant

Matt and the MDH Insight Team worked with us to integrate EmpowerRM into our suite of supply chain logistics services. Our business partners must share our obsession with accuracy and timely availability of information. MDH Insight exceeds our expectations while providing convenience and cost-savings chargeback processing services for our pharmaceutical manufacturer clients.

Rob Gerstein
Vice President

When we started our company in 2014 we initially outsourced some of our needed systems and programs in order to save on time and money, though we came to realize we lost much needed transparency and control at the same time which quickly led to a multitude of problems. Thankfully Matt was referred to us and his company helped us develop a customized software solution in-house that not only exceeded our expectations in capabilities but also proved that we can still save on time and money with the right system. Thank you, Matt, for listening to our needs and providing us with a software application that allows our company to be confident in our internal systems so that we may focus our attention on our core business!

Brooke Cantey

Matt and staff have been a huge help to e5, having helped our team work with 3rd party providers. MDH had also created a system platform for internal use that has saved us many man-hours. We just wish MDH had more time to help us on new projects.

Bob Edwards
E5 Pharma

Matt and the team do a great job, work well with our staff and provide a great product and service. Highly recommend them.

Scott Cohon
Creekwood Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Director, Sales and Trade Relations

Matt created our chargeback system at H2-Pharma. It has made my life so much easier! The system is extremely user friendly and less time consuming than our previous program. The best part about MDH Insight is the ongoing customer support we receive.

Erin Chapman
Vice President